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Linear Milling

From handrail to crown moulding, and flooring to wainscoting, MDB Industries either already has, or can produce it.

Linear Milling - Hardwood FlooringStarting with general surfacing, or S2S (Surface 2 Sides), which is typically performed through our double sided planer. We can accommodate material up to 27.5 wide and 8 thick, 18 long. Cut quality is always paramount, and both the top and bottom heads on our planer are carbide-insert helical style for optimal cut. But, as good as that is, with some materials that are particularly highly figured or prone to tear-out, any cutting type action is prone to cause damage to the material. For those species that require a gentler touch, MDB has a 50HP abrasive planer, capable of up to .125 material removal per pass. It can handle up to 36 wide and 6 thick material, again 18 long. This is an excellent alternative for those hard to surface materials.

Linear Milling ProductsWhen you need all 4 edges surfaced, or a profile such as casing or flooring, the moulder becomes the machine of choice. Capable of 9 wide, 6 thick and 18 long, we can machine any profile into stock. The moulder is somewhat unique, being a 7 head machine with outboard bearings. It has an extra side head, a semi-universal head which can be top or bottom cutting, and a true universal head which can rotate 270 degrees around the stock, to cut any profile or detail.