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MDB Industries
1939 Bennett Road, Unit #6
Victor, NY 14564
(585) 657-7500
MDB Industries specializes in lumber Milling, rough milling, CNC router, kiln drying, planning, wood manufacturing, sawing, custom profile, hardwood flooring, MDB, MDB Industries, Rochester, Rochester NY, Victor, custom lumber sawing, sawmilling, planning, ripping, straight line ripping, S2S, S4S, S2S1E, abrasive planing, cut to length, CTL, CNC, CNC Router, multi-axis cnc, 4 axis CNC, Wood cnc, wood cnc router, Molding, moulding, custom moulding, custom molding, Wood Molding, lumber milling, Flooring, Wood Flooring, custom wood flooring, custom flooring, Paneling, wood paneling, Trim, Wood Trim, Custom Trim, Trim Profiles, custom Trim profiles, Kiln, Kiln Drying, lumber kiln, Wood drying, custom kiln drying, CNC production, short run production, hit and miss, skip dress, component, wood component, glue-up, custom glue-up
Proudly making sawdust since 2001.   In those ten years we've made sawdust from hundreds of species and materials, in thousands of different methods and combinations. We make wet sawdust from the sawmill, and dry sawdust from lumber dried in our kiln, and then processed in our milling and manufacturing facility. Sawdust isn't usually the end product, but when your capabilities and resumé are as expansive as MDB's, defining yourself becomes difficult to do. So you focus on the constant, and for MDB, that's making sawdust, every way we can.
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